Daniel Tucker Lizzama

A visionary professional committed to research, collaboration, arts and technology


Daniel Tucker Lizzama

A visionary professional committed to research, collaboration, arts and technology


Employment History


Filmmaker, Creative Director – Co-Owner                              06/2016 to 12/2018
Masterpiece Collaborators Pictures West Hollywood, California
Independent Filmmaker and Dramaturge producing four motion pictures including Live Action. Screenplays were written in English and Spanish and taken to the screen or television. Director and Creator of episodes for a TV Series entitled “Fräulein Totina, the Tiny Girl from Vienna”. Pre-Production.


1995/2000- President of Animex International Pictures S.A. de C.V.          

        The company was in association with American Technos                                Incorporated and Genoa Corporation - Japan. Animex started with

        the name "Profesionales en Animación".




















Creator, Cartoonist and Content Writer of the full page comic publications of "Calabazo", "Rabbit Piper Gum" and " Totina, The Tiny Girl from Vienna " Published by PorEsto! Daily News.                                                 03/1995 to 12/2014


Curator / Information Architect 
Art + Culture  -                                      2001 to 2010 in New York
The website Art+Culture: “How things go together” a complex contextual engine to the world of arts and culture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Lafia




1995 - Director, Art Director and Animator for the short film "Calabazo, The Dwarf of Uxmal" 

          Produced by NAFINSA, Mario Lopez / American Technos Ltd and Genoa Corporation -              Japan. This film received special recognition and consequently is considered a part 

          of the 100 year legacy of Mexican Cinema.


1995 - Director for the Japanese TV Commercial "Turbo Surround" produced

          by American Technos Ltd and Genoa Corporation.


1999 - Documentary "The Cat That Flies" Produced by Wane Kennedy.


2004 - Movie Trailer "Cage of Impostors" with Regina Torné - Produced by

          Ing. Salomon Lopez, Lic. Lina Arazola and Wane Kennedy.


2012 - Screenplay for the animated short film entitled "The Little Minstrel"   

          Produced by Father Juan Agüero - Ministerio Luz y Vida.


2013 - Animated Short Film "Piper Gum" - Produced by Wane Kennedy.



2018 - CGI Animation "Totina, The Tiny Girl From Vienna" - Currently in




Entrepreneur Keiichi Iwamoto, former President of American Technos Incorporated (Japan) is seen in this picture, signing an agreement at Animex International Pictures with Daniel Tucker Lizzama.

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Mr. Keiichi Iwamoto is in the middle of this picture accompanied by the group of professional designers and animators. They are at the Design Department of Animex.

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