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CALABAZO, "The Dwarf of Uxmal" received an honorable award at the 14th Exhibition of The International Film Festival of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The copyrights on the Mayan character "Calabazo" have been assessed to have a property value of over 15 million dollars by the National Banking and Securities Commission and the National Rural Credit Bank. The movie was directed and written by Daniel Tucker Lizzama. A Press Conference was held later at the Prestigious Hotel Nikko in Mexico, City.

PIPER GUM is a mischievous rabbit.

No one can stop him from getting into trouble! The Por Esto! Daily News published one half of a page on this little devil in Mexico for 10 years.

This car belongs to PIPER GUM.

LAUREL The drummer

This cartoon is an adolescent gorilla. He loves Dixieland and is a member of the band. He is created and registered by Daniel Tucker Lizzama.

Parisian by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

She is TOMASA EINSTEIN. I prepared her turntable with the effect of stop motion

Patrick Kahill- Solo Performance in "The Cat That Flies" by Daniel Lizzama. This film has been broadcasted on public television worldwide.


Narrator... Jim Ratcliff


Animation... Tucker & Kennedy Animation


Music composed & Conducted by Daniel Tucker Lizzama


Musical Performance by The middle ages musicians performing at the St Joseph Church in Europe. Fully developed polyphony emerged in the later medieval period (ca. 1000-1400), when each line acquired independent pitch movement and rhythm. The number of lines also expanded, such that three- and four-part polyphony became common.