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Daniel Tucker Lizzama

Daniel Tucker Lizzama is an innovator, protagonist, artist and positive provocateur who engages intelligence with passion for manifestation.  Each human being was born to succeed, communicate, command, provoke and create beautiful things where integrity affects those around, unequivocally. Daniel is a filmmaker, animator and a communicator.

Outside the Box

Visual Arts   Culture   Imagination   Industry

I am a Professional Graphic Designer and Scalable Entrepreneur. I was president and co-founder of Animex International Pictures S.A. de C.V. in Mexico for more than 4 years. This also involved negotiating deals and agreements with Global Companies and Banks building a set of skills that are at the core of transactions and investments in every sale. Negotiating with banks for potential deals is much more different than doing business with organizations. I mastered the breadth of leadership by influencing, collaborating, and developing new strategies together to increase profitability and boost technology, innovation and maintaining a Corporate Culture Created By Design.

I received an honorable award at the 14th Edition of The Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG) Jalisco, Mexico for directing a short film and writing the screenplay. It was entitled “Calabazo, The Dwarf of Uxmal”.  The copyrights on the Mayan character "Calabazo" have been assessed to have a property value of over 15 million dollars by the National Banking and Securities Commission and the National Rural Credit Bank.  I have also been endorsed by Writer’s Digest, FILMMAKER Magazine and diverse organizations.


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